Structured Work Place Learning
- its place in the big career picture for Geelong’s young people.

The Experience for Work for Young People Talent Community places Structured Work Place Learning (SWL) at the start of the career journey for Geelong’s young people.

Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) is on-the-job training for our senior secondary students with student friendly local employers. SWL gives our young people the opportunity to master a set of skills or competencies related to their VET in School (VETiS) course.

But SWL is much more than that! More than short term, observational work experience, SWL is hands on learning that is linked to a course of study. SWL allows our students the opportunity to practice and learn skills and abilities and prepare for the world of work.

Experience for Work for Young People helps our VETiS students with:

  • a live feed of SWL opportunities offered by Geelong region employers. Opportunities canvassed from regional trending industries are carefully selected to introduce our young people to the dynamism and diversity of new careers in Geelong industries.
  • a central space for SWL resources for students, parent, teachers and employers.
  • a way to stay connected! Using social media or email, students and their supporters can share the experiences they are interested in with each other.
  • a direct link to their future: This suite of apps and websites offers a live feed of the jobs currently on offer in the region today and links to our top eight trending industries and the 40 best performing careers within them. Each career is described, including what the job involves, how much you can expect to earn, where it can take you, how to get trained, all while staying in the region! Geelong careers’ industry hero videos let young people of the region tell their own career success stories to inspire and inform our workforce of the future.
  • regular news stories about new jobs, career trends, and where their SWL can take them in the future

Experience for Work for Young People presents SWL as part of a big picture, a regional career ecosystem, empowering our young people with support, information and the connections they need to be actively involved in framing their future careers.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATS) are not SWL either!

SBATs enable senior secondary students to undertake part time employment and training while still at school. The SBAT is part time paid employment with hands on learning combined with off the job training.

For SBAT opportunities speak to your school’s careers team, visit the websites of Geelong’s local Group Training and Employment agencies, attend the annual SbAT Expo (August) and check our live job feed regularly for vacancies.

The Geelong Careers app links to eight trending regional industries: